Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Begin, Lets Start at the Beginning...

Hello friends and bloggers! As you might have assumed, this blog is solely dedicated to my opinions on movies. All movies? (You might ask.) Yes. All movies. From the beautiful to the disgusting and all the glorious cinema that lies in between. I have always had a love of movies, they way they can transport you to other places, dimensions, and minds. As well as, an appreciation for the beauty that is seen and then reproduced by the directors and cinematographers of yesterday and today. However, my love does not only lie with the beautiful movie, but also the raw, real movies that can stab full forced into the center of your heart, making a person feel more deeply about a character than you ever thought possible. And to go further, I even love the bad, the movies so bad they are an art form in themselves. With this little blog, I will go through and give my thoughts on all the movies that I have seen! And if you know me, you know that this is no small feat! So sit back and enjoy my quirky take on life through the motion pictures I see. I might even throw in a few book reviews sometime, just to spice it up a bit!

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  1. This is a brilliant idea! I can't wait to see where it goes. :-D