Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Johnny Tremain - Through the eyes of 5th grade...

Hello blogosphere!
I realize that I've been on a hiatus for a while, but I am back... well sort of. I am allowing my little movie blog be a tool for my sassy fifth graders to publish a movie critique of their own! We recently watched Johnny Tremain, a mild version of the beginnings of the Revolutionary war told through the journey of a young patriot. This film, made by Disney in 1957, was based on a Newbery Award winning novel by Esther Forbes. All three of the classes watched the film and collaborated to create their class critiques. So be prepared to hear the thoughts and ideas of my fifth grade classes.

Black Team

Overall, this fifth grade class thought this movie was lacking in special effects, death scenes were not realistic, and humor was too corny.

In this film the special effects were lacking because the puff of smoke from the guns were over sized. Johnny Tremain’s hand injury looked unrealistic in the movie.
The death scenes seemed fake because the actors were acting overly dramatic. Also, the actors were shot precisely in the same fatal place every single time.
In some movies a little corny humor is alright, but in this film it was overdone. The film was also a bit predictable.
This movie is a great action filled history lesson. We are learning about our country’s history while watching an entertaining movie!

Gray Team

This film took place in early America during the Revolutionary war. Our class thought this film was hilarious because of the corny death scenes. Also we found it interesting because it showed historical events accurately.

Our class found the backdrops cheesy and lacking in depth. The death scenes were not realistic because one shot took down multiple people. Also the scenes were not gory enough for a modern audience.
Overall, the movie was interesting, entertaining, and informational. We rated this movie with four stars because of its historical accuracy.

Red Team

The movie Johnny Tremain was a historical movie. The things that our class liked in this movie were the soundtrack and the epic storyline. Our dislikes include costumes, accents, and death scene acting.

The soundtrack was relaxing and enjoyable. Our class loved the Boston Tea Party scene because the patriots threw the tea overboard in protest of taxes. The action and warfare were awesome because the soldiers were shooting and hiding to attack the British.
Our class despised the costumes because they looked uncomfortable and were unattractive. Also the accents of the actors were awkward and hard to understand. There were miscellaneous death scenes that were cheesy because the actors just fell over when they were shot.
This film was very informational and fantastic!